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Get information on recalls for your Land Rover and how to get them fixed. We are happy to perform recall repairs at no cost to you.

Ensure your Land Rover SUV is safe on the road. Use the resources on this page to lookup information about what recalls could be affecting your vehicle, how to schedule a no-cost repair at Land Rover Greenville.

Note: Land Rover Greenville can and will perform all recall repairs. However, before scheduling an appointment, please call 866-747-6807 to confirm availability of parts.

Land Rover of Tampa Recall Repair Center

Takata airbag safety recall information - see if your Land Rover is affected

The largest automotive recall in American automotive history, the Takata airbag recall has affected over 42 million vehicles. A faulty air bag inflator means that you may be putting yourself or passengers at risk for serious injury, or in some cases, death. If you have received notification of your vehicle being part of this important recall, contact Land Rover Greenville immediately. You can schedule an appointment today to have your vehicle repaired at no cost. Please contact us beforehand to verify parts for your model.

Stay updated on other recalls that may affect your Land Rover vehicle

Land Rover will do its best to notify any customer who has an open recall on their vehicle, regardless of whether it is a minor or major component, through first class mail. Land Rover Greenville's #1 priority is to ensure that all Land Rover drivers are safe and secure in their vehicle. If you do need to search for an open recall on your vehicle, simply use the NHTSA recall lookup tool to stay informed.

What is the recall repair cost for my Land Rover?

By law, all vehicle owners and lessees are entitled to have their recall repaired free of charge. The price to fix the vehicle will always be 100% covered by the manufacturer and will cost you nothing but the time it takes for the repair. If you have determined that your Land Rover does have an open recall, please schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art Service Center that is fully equipped to safely and efficiently bring your vehicle up to factory standards. Through the help of our knowledgeable team of service advisors and technicians, we will have you back on the road in no time!

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Questions and Answers About Land Rover Recall Repairs

What is a safety recall and when is it necessary?

A safety recall happens when the manufacturer or the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that part of a vehicle is defective and the defect can affect the vehicle's safety. Generally, a safety recall will be issued for specific vehicle models or specific parts that are common among many different vehicles. When this happens, the manufacturer notifies its authorized dealers and the owners who have registered the vehicle so the owner can take the vehicle to an authorized dealer for repair.

What is NHTSA?

NHTSA is the federal agency that oversees vehicle safety standards. Its mission is to reduce vehicle-related crashes and prevent injuries. NHTSA enforces regulations relating to vehicle performance and investigates safety defects.

What does a safety recall mean to me?

If your vehicle or part of its equipment is subject to a safety recall, it means the manufacturer or NHTSA has decided that a possible defect in your vehicle is a concern, and they want to make sure it never causes a safety issue. You can learn more about safety recalls by visiting NHTSA's website here.

How do I find out if the vehicle I am interested in buying is subject to a safety recall?

If you are shopping on our website and see a vehicle that interests you, there will be a link on the page where you see the vehicle titled "NHTSA VIN Look-Up." If you click on that, it will take you to the NHTSA database where you can see if that vehicle has any safety recalls. You can also visit the NHTSA website yourself here.

NHTSA's website allows users to enter any vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - the specific code that identifies each individual automobile - into its system to pull up a report that will show whether that vehicle is subject to any safety recalls. The website also provides general information on safety recalls based on a vehicle's year, make, and model.

In addition to using the NHTSA website, a free CarFax report will be provided to you before you purchase the vehicle so you can review the vehicle's history, including whether there are any safety recalls reported by CarFax.

Please note that we are not affiliated with and do not control the NHTSA website or CarFax, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information they report. The accuracy of the information available through CarFax and NHTSA is subject to a number of factors, including but not limited to whether information reported by a manufacturer is up to date.

Do you fix open safety recalls?

If a vehicle is offered for sale as "certified," it is our intention to repair any open safety recalls that we have identified before you take it home, although that may not always be possible depending on the nature of the recall, the availability of parts, etc. Regardless of whether a vehicle is "certified" or not, you will have the opportunity to review a CarFax report prior to sale, which provides information about the vehicle's history, including safety recalls reported by CarFax.

Please note that safety recall information comes from the manufacturers, and sometimes there is a delay between the time the manufacturers issue a safety recall and the time that information becomes available on databases like those run by NHTSA and CarFax. There may also be a delay in the ability to repair certain open safety recalls for various reasons, including the non-availability of parts. We do not and cannot guarantee that every vehicle sold, whether certified or not, will be recall-free.

How will I find out if my vehicle is subject to a safety recall after I purchase it?

Manufacturers must notify by first-class mail all registered owners and purchasers of vehicles subject to a safety recall and provide an explanation of the safety recall's risk to safety. In the safety recall notice, the manufacturer will explain to the owner any potential safety hazards posed by the defect. The notice will also tell you what to do about it. Because manufacturers get the names of vehicle owners from state registration offices, you must maintain your state registration information to be sure to receive notice of a safety recall. If you move, be sure to update your address.

We also recommend that you register your vehicle with the manufacturer as soon as you purchase it. When you do so, you will receive important information on your vehicle directly from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers also have VIN-specific look-up functions on their sites. In addition, you can subscribe to email safety recall notifications from NHTSA here. These notifications will not be specific to your individual vehicle but will provide information for vehicles of the year and make you select when you sign up. If you subscribe, you will receive an email if there is a safety recall for the criteria you select.

If I find out my vehicle is subject to a safety recall after I buy it, how do I get it fixed?

If your vehicle is subject to a safety recall, take it to a manufacturer-authorized repair facility. They are required to fix the problem at no cost to you.

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Land Rover Takata Airbag Recall Near Greenville SC | 2007-2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Vehicles Affected

A number of 2007-2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs are affected as part of the Takata airbag recall that involves a number of vehicles on the road today. A total of 35,716 2007-2011 Range Rover SUVs could see their airbag's inflators rupture when being out in humid temperatures too long, which could cause serious injury or, in some cases, death, if metal parts in the airbag inflator strikes a driver or passenger. 61,793 2013-2015 Range Rover and 2014-2015 Range Rover Sport SUVs could have a disabled front passenger airbag, putting passengers at increased injury risk if involved in an accident. 3,912 Range Rover SUVs could see their front seat side airbags fail to deploy in an accident, which could also put passengers and/or drivers at increased injury risk. Please schedule an appointment at Land Rover of Greenville immediately if your vehicle is affected.

2015-2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport License Plate Lamp Housing Recall Repair Near Greenville SC

Land Rover has announced that 14,731 2015 and 2016 Discovery Sport SUVs are at risk for the illimination lamp for their license plate may fall out. While this may not put drivers at risk for an accident, it could make it hard to distinguish the license plate at night. Land Rover has notified customers of the recall, so if you are affected or have had your VIN appear via search, schedule a recall repair appointment at Land Rover of Greenville and we will happily replace the license plate housing for you at no charge. Note: Please call the dealership to confirm that we have parts available to fix this, and any, recall that may affect your vehicle if you are notified by first-class mail or if your VIN shows as affected on the NHTSA recall search.

2012 Land Rover LR2 Rear Brake Caliper Recall

Seventy 2012 Land Rover LR2 SUVs could be at risk for their rear brake caliper detaching. This could compromise the drivers' ability to stop the vehicle; the caliper could also strike a tire. Either situation could put the driver at risk of an accident. Your safety is our top concern, so if your LR2 is one of the vehicles affected, you are asked to contact Land Rover of Greenville immediately for a repair of your vehicle. We will perform this fix at no charge to you. Again, please contact the service department to verify part availability before schedule an appointment.

2015 Land Rover LR4 Anti-Lock Brake System and Wheel Recall

Land Rover has announced the recall of 2,687 2015 LR4 SUVs due to a software error controlling the anti-lock brake system and potential wheel detatchment. This software error could cause disabled safety systems on the vehicle - compromising its ability to stop and causing a risk of a crash. A total of 28 LR4 SUVs could be at risk for the wheels detaching, which could also cause the driver to lose control and crash.